Last nights show: J Mascis and Black Heart Procession at the Independent

J Mascis & Black Heart Procession - Independent SF - 05/04/11

Front man of Dinosaur Jr. J Mascis and Touch and Go‘s Black Heart Procession have been playing Northern California this week, I was hoping to go to their show at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz but because that show almost immediately sold out I had to go to theIndependent show instead. The Independent is a venue that doesn’t take kindly to video recording so I had to be very discreet with my camera in order to get any kind of footage. Black Heart Procession was very interesting for a number of reasons. Frontman Paul Jenkins had sunglasses on the entire time, he played a saw like a violin, and the weirdest part of the set was when Jenkins jokingly called someone out in the crowd for farting. The reason I find that so odd is because of how sad and depressing Black Heart Procession’s music is, it just seemed like the opposite of how i’d expect them to act. When J came on he started his set by playing the Wagon, the first track off of Dinosaur Jr’s first post Lou Barlow album Green Mind. The rest of the set was made up of a lot of J’s new solo album that he was promoting Several Shades of Why. Knowing that J is the king of jaguar sounding distorted guitar solos I wasn’t expecting him to achieve that acoustically but to be pleasantly surprised he had distortion petals and what appeared to be loops for some songs. He definitely had a good set list balance of playing Dinosaur Jr songs as well as his own, the only thing is that he should have played more of Dinosaur Jr’s older catalog. You can’t blame him though seeing as how he has a pretty extensive catalog that dates back to the early 80s. The encore was the best part of the show because not only did he play Quest off of the first Dinosaur (Jr) album, he also played Little Fury Things, the title track off of their sophomore album Your Living All Over Me.


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2 Responses to “Last nights show: J Mascis and Black Heart Procession at the Independent”

  1. AJ Dexter Says:

    Good post. Enjoyed the review of the show.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it, you should take a look at the post covering the Sebadoh show that happened back in February

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