(Last) Friday night with The Dwarves at Bottom of the Hill


Thats right, one of the dirtiest, raunchiest, most underrated Punk bands ever played at Bottom of the Hill last Friday. The Dwarves have stirred up a lot of controversy singing about sexually taboo topics, having album covers of naked women and midgets covered in blood and having very loud, fast and sexually driven live shows. Their sound has often been compared to the work of GG Allin and other Scum Rock artists like The Meatmen. I was hoping to see these guys in Vegas the same weekend with the Descendents but unfortunately that show was sold out ages ago. For a band that has been around since 1986 they certainly put on an amazing show. I was surprised to see at the beginning of the show core member of the group HeWhoCannotBeNamed‘s signature wrestling mask wasn’t present, that is until a topless woman wearing the mask appeared on stage during Detention Girl and frontman Blag explained that HeWhoCannotBeNamed had a sex change. From there the woman was thrown into the audience. I got all this on tape, hopefully Youtube won’t take it down before you get a chance to see it. Frontman Blag played with a very high energy, running all over the stage and diving into the crowd mid song on many occasions. There was even a moment where I had to use one of my hands to hold him back from knocking my camera down. Overall it was a great show, I suggest you check out their newest album in which they were supporting entitled The Dwarves are Born Again.



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